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About the PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 (commonly abbreviated to PS3) is the third home video game system produced by Sony and is the successor to highly successful PS2 console.

The PS3 is the most powerful games console available and comes complete with a unified online gaming service entitled PlayStation Network and powerful multimedia capabilities, including the ability to play high-definition Blu-ray movies. Users with a PlayStation Portable (PSP) can also connect with the PS3 to download exclusive content.

The PS3 supports a broad range of displays from standard TVs to the latest full HD (1080i/1080p) flat panel displays, offering the joy of the most advanced computer entertainment content to homes around the world. Designed for use in living rooms, Sony has worked hard on lowering power usage and noise reduction has been achieved with a noise level equivalent to that of the current slim-line PlayStation 2.

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What's in the PlayStation 3 box?

The PS3 contains the following items as standard :

PlayStation 3 Technical Details

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